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Get ahead of the game with Pekaj Group's construction estimating services for developers. We understand how crucial accurate cost estimates are to the success of a project, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to deliver precise and comprehensive cost projections tailored to your unique development project needs.


Our construction estimating services transcend developments throughout various industries, offering solutions that improve your projects' viability and financial soundness. From budget planning to cash flow management, we minimise the risk of cost overruns and satisfy client expectations.


How we increase project viability


Our seasoned team is well-versed in the latest software, methodologies and practices, guaranteeing that our construction estimating services for developers are not only meticulous but also in compliance with the rigorous standards of the industry . By leveraging sophisticated software solutions, we enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our cost estimations. We are proficient in the following advanced software:


  • Bluebeam 

  • Buildxact 

  • CostX


Following the guidelines of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, we stay proactive in meeting benchmarks from the Australian Cost Management Manual and the Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works. As such, we can always anticipate and adapt to the dynamic construction and quantity surveying landscape.


Moreover, we are not affiliated with any volume builders or long-term contractors, so you are assured of unbiased cost reports. We expertly combine advanced technology integrations with careful adherence to industry standards to ensure that your development project’s budget planning is accurate and strategic for optimal project viability and cost-effectiveness.


Our services


Our seasoned team at Pekaj Group does all the heavy lifting for you with our construction estimating services for developers. From intricate risk assessments to meticulous resource allocation, we navigate the complexities of construction economics, empowering developers to make informed decisions that drive project viability and financial success.


Pekaj Group's construction estimating services for developers include everything from:


  • Cost planning — We ensure accurate and strategic budget allocations for your project's financial success.


  • Tender estimate — With a detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantities), we provide precise estimates to enhance your bidding strategy and secure contracts.


  • Value engineering — We optimise project value without compromising the quality of its functions. Instead, we ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness through alternative methods and materials.


And, with our client-centric approach, you can trust Pekaj Group to be your partner in achieving a seamless blend of precision, experience and innovation in construction estimating services for developers — your success is our commitment, and we are proud to have a proven track record of delivering on our promises.


Funding confidence — secure investments with Pekaj Group


Our expertise, honed over decades in the building industry, is your key to funding confidence and project success. Since 2011, we have helped our clients win bids and save time and money with our precise estimates. Secure your investments now with Pekaj Group's construction estimating services for developers in Melbourne, Victoria and throughout the rest of Australia — we are ready to work with you wherever your project is based.


Optimise your project's viability and strengthen its financial foundation with Pekaj Group's precision-driven construction estimating services. Whether you're venturing into property development for real estate or any other industry, our precise and bespoke solutions ensure that your budget planning is accurate and strategically aligned with your goals.


Partner with Pekaj Group for the most precise and effective construction estimating services for developers. Reach out to us today and learn more about how we propel your projects forward with expert services at competitive prices.


Contact us now at +61 402 045 256 or and get a proposal fee for your project.

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