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Join forces and work with Pekaj Group — your trusted partner in precise and exceptional services in estimating for builders. Let the experts at Pekaj Group take note of every little detail — from changing local regulations to inflation and more. When you partner with Pekaj Group, we can help you win bids and stay on top of estimates throughout the project, from start to finish.


With a rich legacy since 2011, we have been estimating for builders in Melbourne and beyond so they are empowered to navigate the complexities of construction economics with confidence. Don’t lose out or cause project delays due to a misstep in estimation, and trust Pekaj Group to handle the complex financial maths for you. 


Decades of expertise in honing tailored solutions


At Pekaj Group, we understand that every construction project is unique. We’ve built decades of experience working closely with builders on diverse projects, fine-tuning our estimating services to cater to various design styles, purposes and budgets. Whether you’re building residential developments, taking on commercial constructions or completing finicky renovations, our seasoned team is equipped to meet your specific estimating needs.


No matter the complexity of your project or the intricacies of your construction vision, 

you can rest assured that our accurate estimating for builders will enable you to make quick and convincing bids.


Estimating for builders: budget breakdowns


As builders, you carry the responsibility of turning blueprints into actual structures and spaces. We recognise the delicate balance between creativity and fiscal responsibility required for the cost-effectiveness and success of projects, and as your building estimator in Melbourne, we can keep your cost estimates updated throughout your building process.


With our detailed and ever-accurate cost planning, estimates and value engineering, you can worry less about keeping up with project deadlines or staying within budget. From bidding and planning until project completion, Pekaj Group has got you covered with our comprehensive and thorough budget breakdowns and contract administrations.


Navigating construction complexity with confidence


Construction projects are inherently complex, often posing challenges that demand strategic planning. Pekaj Group empowers builders by safeguarding against budget overruns and unforeseen costs. With our estimating for builders, you are not just equipped with accurate numbers — you’re equipped with the confidence that you’ve factored in every little thing that might have an impact on the accuracy of your cost planning.


Whether it’s the price of materials, labour cost or logistical expenses, you’ll never underestimate or miss out on the little things that might set your project back when you work hand in hand with us.


Advanced technology integration: tools at your service


As your building estimator in Melbourne committed to excellence, Pekaj Group harnesses cutting-edge technology to elevate the precision and efficiency of our cost estimations. As a builder, you benefit from our mastery of advanced software tools, including:


  • Bluebeam

  • Buildxact

  • CostX


Adhering to industry standards: your assurance of quality


Quality in estimating services demands adherence to industry standards. At Pekaj Group, we pride ourselves on meticulously aligning with the guidelines set by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. From the Australian Cost Management Manual to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works, our vigilant and proactive approach ensures that our services consistently meet and exceed current benchmarks.


Pekaj Group — your reliable building estimator in Melbourne


Partner with Pekaj Group for winning bids for any construction project. Our estimating for builders caters to the unique challenges of any and every residential and commercial construction in Melbourne, so you can trust us to be your reliable project partner.


Ready to elevate your construction projects with expert estimating services? Contact Pekaj Group at +61 402 045 256 or to learn more about our services and how we can enhance your bidding strategy with precise estimating for builders.

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