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Modern Balconies


Partner with Pekaj Group and achieve all of your design aspirations with our specialised design estimation and architectural cost estimating services. Since 2011, we have honed our experience in working with architects and designers on projects with various design styles, purposes and budgets.


Before the creative (and actual) work starts, the numbers must be clear. That’s why outsourcing your design estimations from Pekaj Group is a smart move. With our expertise and excellent client-centric services, we can guarantee precision and efficiency in every aspect of your project, providing you with the confidence to navigate the complexities of design and construction as you focus on bringing your vision to life.


Craft designs within budget realities


In architecture and design, the marriage of creativity and fiscal restraints is crucial for the success of any project. Pekaj Group recognises and understands this, which is why our tailored design estimation and architectural cost estimating services skillfully work your creative designs within budget realities.


With a purposefully meticulous design estimation from Pekaj Group, you can rest assured that you are:


  • Safeguarded against budget overruns and unforeseen costs

  • Empowered to make informed decisions

  • Enabled to allocate resources efficiently

  • Equipped to confidently navigate the complexities of project finances


When you partner with Pekaj Group, it’s not just about numbers — it’s about translating visionary designs into tangible, budget-conscious realities.


Accurate cost breakdowns


At Pekaj Group, we make sure precision is paramount in all of our design estimations — our architectural cost estimating services go beyond the surface, providing you with accurate and detailed cost breakdowns. From the particulars of fine dining interiors to the unique demands of intricate architectural renovations in Melbourne, Victoria, our services cater to diverse projects, ensuring that every line item in your budget is accounted for with exacting accuracy.


We harness sophisticated software solutions such as:


  • Bluebeam

  • Buildxact

  • CostX


By using the best in cutting-edge technology, we handle the financial maths accurately and thoroughly to create a robust and strategic foundation for your project's financial success. Whether it’s through rigorous budget planning or value engineering, we help you get the ball rolling with precise estimates and cost-efficient alternatives.


Keeping up with industry standards


Our seasoned team of professionals combines industry knowledge with premier technology and methods to deliver meticulous cost projections. From real estate developments to architectural masterpieces, our services empower architects and designers to plan with accuracy and strategic foresight, while adhering to the latest Australian Cost Management Manual (ACMM) Guidelines & Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (ANZSMM).


Through a proactive approach, we always meet current benchmarks and are prepared to adapt to the dynamic landscape of design, architecture and construction so that our services are consistently at the forefront of industry expectations. 


Moreover, we remain impartial with our design estimations by not affiliating with volume builders and long-term contractors — you can rely on our unbiased and objective assessments for transparent and accurate insights into your design and architectural project's financial landscape.


Your vision, our expertise


With Pekaj Group’s accurate and unbiased design estimations, difficult financial maths, project delays and inefficiencies are now a thing of the past.


By entrusting us with the intricacies of architectural cost estimating, you can confidently charge forward to propel your project to success. Outsource architectural cost estimating services from us today to streamline your project's financial planning and ensure precision in every aspect of your designs and blueprints.

Your creative aspirations are our commitment. Contact Pekaj Group at +61 402 045 256 or to discover how our expert services, which include cost management, cost plans and bill of quantities, can pave the way to the success of your architectural and design projects.

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